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Geese Chasers™ Success: Medford Lakes Country Club

"I was at my wit's end. I had tried everything to rid my golf course of the Canada Goose short of bodily harm. But it was of no use and the nuisance to our golfers and country club members was at an all time high. I had read about Geese Chasers™ in an article about geese control in the local paper. I put in a call to Geese Chasers™ and within a day they came on out.

"We immediately hired Geese Chasers™ for an Initial Clearing. We were impressed with their service and then signed up for a maintenance plan. Within weeks the Canada Goose population had diminished to nearly zero.

"What I like best about Geese Chasers™ is the professional way they approach the job. Not only do they provide field reports from each visit to my property, they treat my club members with courtesy and respect. This is essential, especially in the middle of a golf game!

"I enjoy the relationship with Geese Chasers™ and have come to really love their Border Collies. Especially, Boomer. The dogs are beautiful animals to watch and very well trained. It's not only a treat to be rid of the geese, our golfers love seeing the Border Collies and their handlers do their thing.

"I'm keeping Geese Chasers™ on the job."

— Gregg Armbruster, Medford Lakes Country Club, Medford, NJ