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  • Professional Geese Clearing Services

    Geese Chasers™, LLC, the professional geese clearing service that respectfully eliminates bothersome Canada Goose on open spaces with the fastest, most effective, reliable and humane method possible — highly trained Border Collies.
  • The Geese Chasers™ Solution

    We've maintained zero goose population for our clients for over 10 years. Only the use of our highly trained Border Collies delivers a natural and long-lasting solution. We're "Your Solution to Goose Pollution."
  • Natural and Effective

    Only Border Collies and their highly trained handlers provide an effective, natural and long-lasting solution that will control your Canada Goose problem year-round.   Amazingly, the Border Collie will never come into contact with Canada Goose; bringing no harm to them, to children or to anyone present.
  • Trained and Certified

    Geese Chasers™ is proud to be a member of ISN, demonstrating its commitment to health, safety and quality. Government and commercial enterprises count on Geese Chasers™ for its certified delivery of professional services.
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Geese Chasers™: Professional Geese Clearing Services

Affordable. Humane. Effective.
Geese Chasers™ is the #1 name in Canada Geese control with a 20 year history of success for its commercial, residential, state, city and municipal clients. We look forward to putting our expertise to work to solve your Geese problem effectively.

Our company does whatever it takes to get the job done while providing the best customer service in the industry. We have professionally trained dog handlers that clear our customer’s properties every day. Your property will be serviced 7 days a week, multiple times per day to assure that the geese don’t get comfortable onsite.

It takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks to clear the initial flock. After that depending on whether your property needs it - we will move into the daily maintenance phase. Our dog handlers will continue to monitor your property every day as well as being ON-CALL to make sure your property stays clean and geese free.

Every property has its own set of specific problems and therefore will have its own outcome. Some properties clear out in a month – others have our service year round. We can examine and explain these variables with a FREE site visit or phone call with one of our professionals.

Our job is to provide you with a contract that fits the specific needs of your property and your budget. We pride ourselves in being able to work with our clients to find a solution that fits THEIR needs. We care about our customers and the wellbeing of the property being serviced. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

The Border Collies we use are specifically trained to only chase and herd the geese. We do NOT hurt, injure or capture Canada Geese. This breed of dogs have the intelligence of a small child and a vocab of upwards of 1,500 words. Our dogs are very friendly and have been properly socialized with children and other animals.

Our franchise now services Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties.

We are your effective solution to goose pollution and care deeply about the service we provide.

Contact us for a complimentary evaluation. Advice is always FREE!

It's the last call you’ll ever have to make about your Canada Geese problem.

Areas Served

Now clearing geese in these counties:

  • Nassau
  • Queens
  • Suffolk